Customer Feedback

Interested in working with Stemflow? Here's what our customers have said about their experience.

David Thomson

"StemFlow has played an integral role in helping us further develop our Outbound Prospecting strategy.

StemFlow has worked with our team in an advisory and coaching capacity to fundamentally shift the way we think about sales automation, sales engagement, and data strategy. Chris is not afraid to put together illustrations, run in-depth strategy/whiteboarding discussions, or to help us with implementation and execution.

StemFlow challenges our way of thinking in a very constructive manner, and consistently brings new and innovative ideas to the table."

David Thomson

Chief Sales Officer at Allbound
Ivan Jones

"A few things happened as a result of working with Chris Sweat at Stemflow: 1) I’m having 2-3 times as many meetings with prospects than I was having before. Not to mention, the prospects are higher quality because we’re strategically targeting the people we want to get in front of. 2) As a result of having 2-3 times more meetings with quality prospects, I’m better at telling our firm’s story. 3) And as a result of getting better at telling our story, I’ve been able to inspire the right candidates to join us in our journey and our firm is growing rapidly.

Stemflow’s systems flat out work."

Ivan Jones

EVP of Sales & Marketing, RISE

"StemFlow isn’t trying to boil the ocean when it comes to the sales process. Chris and his team are solely focused on helping you avoid the potential starts and stops that come along with adding new shiny tools that promise results, yet often fail to deliver.

We worked together to drive towards the simple result of maximizing the technology to getting more at-bats with the right decision-makers at the right time."

Travis Coffey

AVP Sales Operations, Lockton
John Pravongviengkham

"StemFlow brought new perspectives to not only sales but also business and life as a whole. The idea of asking questions, experimenting and iterating has translated to every aspect of my life.

My time with Stemflow has affected my mindset in a way that benefited my relationships, my career, and my fulfillment as a person."

John Pravongviengkham

Sales Development Rep, Allbound
Annie Roche

"Stemflow understands the sales science behind increasing not only the number of prospecting activities but the quality of prospecting activities to achieve ultimate revenue goals.

Stemflow helps sales leadership see that bigger picture growth starts by increasing the daily task efficiency and effectiveness at the rep level and provides a customized playbook, including process, messaging, and technology to achieve their vision of success.”

Annie Roche

Senior Account Executive, Lead IQ
Mei Siauw

"Chris [at Stemflow] is one of the sharpest sales technology consultants that we have had the privilege to work with.

Stemflow helps our clients understand how to use technology to drive business transformation, and achieve greater success — and drives the adoption of technology across the users as well."

Mei Siauw

Founder, Lead IQ
Alex Bernath

"Working with Chris completely changed the way we approach business development.

With a better set of systems and a new process, we were able to identify the correct target contacts the first time and reach them in ways we had never considered before. It truly changed our perspective on the role direct outreach can have in overall pipeline generation."

Alex Bernath

Channel Sales Director, Fuze
Aaron Marsden

"Working with Chris and StemFlow made me more efficient and creative with my outreach. The tools they brought to the table allowed me to multiply and automate my efforts, which gave me more freedom to take chances on messaging and unique approaches to differentiate myself.

The combination of the tools, StemFlow insights and creative freedom has helped me make more calls, send more emails, be more organized, and set more meetings."


Associate Producer, Lockton
Scott Braun

"Prospecting today is a challenge! Finding talent and individuals serious about working with me takes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

In order to be competitive and be always “on”, it is imperative to adopt the technology. Chris has put together a platform that works even when I'm on the road. The tools Chris put together for prospecting allow me to focus on other tasks such as being in front of prospects, or coaching and mentoring my team.

The overall experience with Chris has been amazing. Getting in front of prospects has never been more efficient. Candidates appreciate the timely response and follow up.

First impressions are critical. Chris’s systems and approach allow me to stand out in this competitive environment."

Scott E. Braun

Financial Professional at Prudential
Scott Marek

"Chris and I have worked together over many years. What he's always brought to the table is a technology-driven, logical, and fresh perspective to an industry that has become pretty stagnant. Our team brought StemFlow on to build a system that allowed us to reach High-Net-Worth Clients in different parts of the country in an efficient way.

[Stemflow's] system is straightforward, repeatable, and scalable.

StemFlow brings a great deal of domain expertise in the financial planning and insurance space which solidified our decision to do business with StemFlow."

Scott Marek

Partner, Maia Wealth
Peter Song

"Chris has been a long-time collaborator of mine.

His insight into the modern-day sales machine is exceptionally illuminating and he is a master of understanding how to optimize any Sales engine.

Having Chris, along with his Stemflow methodology, to provide a second pair of eyes on any existing business sales structure has been vital to taking my work to the next level of performance and success.

Peter Song

Product Sales Manager, WorldPay
Matt Curl

"When I worked with Chris, he stood out immediately by effectively identifying and communicating operational opportunities within the business, and he quickly became a reliable agent of change for our business.

During the last four years, I've seen Chris tackle a variety of tremendously difficult challenges ranging from 'starting at zero' with CRM adoption to working with data science leaders to score and improve sales lead algorithms and cadences.

Despite the many challenges and unique problems he's worked with clients to solve, Chris has built the resilience and a network of professionals around him to identify, find, and build optimal solutions to sub-optimal sales and operations."

Matt Curl

SVP Business Operations, FiveStars

"Our main challenge was in ensuring we had enough qualified prospects to speak with. LinkedIn and other resources were somewhat effective, however, we needed to scale our ability to have more conversations and open up more opportunities.

Because of the number of conversations that Stemflow was able to help us create, our ability to articulate while refining our unique selling proposition has improved dramatically.

It was evident that Stemflow had the know-how and technical acumen to align the right resources to achieve our goals. We enjoyed the collaborative and educational approach to accomplishing the goal using effective tools. Chris has the expertise and understanding to utilize the right technology for the job…coupled with a solid understanding of the challenges we face in our industry (insurance)."

Shane Bauman

President, RISE