The Future of Sales

You’re Better Than Spreadsheets…

…But you need more than CRMs. The future of sales relies on a strategic, harmonious integration between technology and human creativity. StemFlow designs strategies for sales organizations prepared to revolutionize their sales approach and step into the future.

Harness the power of conversation and leverage modern technology with StemFlow.

Our Ethos

When you partner with StemFlow, we can revolutionize your sales organization. You’ll regain control over unruly processes, and empower salespeople to drive revenue. The StemFlow Method is upheld by our philosophy that your people and your relationships are the foundation of successful sales modernization.

We Believe:

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Open Minds Design the Future

To modernize sales, we have to adapt. Sales automation technology can help us do that, but we have to be open to learning new systems and changing old patterns to move forward. Abundant opportunity awaits on the other side of familiar.

Partnership Reinforces Growth

As sales leaders and salespeople, we have spent thousands of hours in the trenches, compiling research and confronting every roadblock imaginable. We have curated our knowledge and experience to support your modernization process and ensure you prevent mistakes along the way.

Information should flow freely

Breaking silos across departments and disciplines creates opportunities for creative collaboration and innovative problem-solving. When we allow information to flow freely, rapid modernization occurs.

  • The average sales professional spends
    of their time actually selling

Sales Professionals only spend 34% of their time selling.

Where does the rest of the time go?

57% of sales professionals expect to miss their quota
Only 50% of teams leverage data to produce timely, accurate forecasts
81% of sales reps believe it’s important to have a connected view of data across the entire customer journey
Less than half of organizations say their sales systems are fully integrated


Outdated technology prevents you from achieving your ambitious goals, but adopting new technology without cultivating a receptive culture will magnify existing problems.

Whether your goal is to increase efficiency, retain salespeople, incentivize your sales team to take ownership of company growth, or pinpoint pitfalls in your current processes, you need a harmonious relationship between your people and modern technology.

Synergizing your people with modern technology allows you to:

  • Leverage systemized iteration among your salespeople
  • Analyze the inner workings of your system to prioritize improvements
  • Enhance training programs based on the needs and insights of your salespeople
  • Consistently direct your efforts to the right targets at the right time
  • Increase the sophistication of prospect research while slashing the time from hours to a few clicks
  • Prioritize prospect needs and remove organizational obstacles to connecting with them
  • Create more time to develop valuable, authentic relationships with prospects. If you can’t talk to them, you can’t sell anything.

An outdated approach to sales technology costs your company millions of dollars in lost growth opportunity.


"StemFlow isn’t trying to boil the ocean when it comes to the sales process. Chris and his team are solely focused on helping you avoid the potential starts and stops that come along with adding new shiny tools that promise results, yet often fail to deliver.

We worked together to drive towards the simple result of maximizing the technology to getting more at-bats with the right decision-makers at the right time."

Travis Coffey

AVP Sales Operations, Lockton

Empower your people. Invest in modern solutions. Gain the momentum you’re seeking.

Revolutionize how you connect with prospects.

Relax when you see your quota.