With StemFlow in your corner, we can create meaningful change within your sales organization. It all starts with your people.

Working With StemFlow

Changing your sales process is a big leap forward. StemFlow paves the way to major progress by uprooting ineffective habits, processes, and technologies to make way for actionable steps that revolutionize your sales process. 

What We Do:

The StemFlow Method

You can define our work as sales acceleration consulting, but you’ll experience much more than that. The StemFlow method helps you create a synergistic relationship between your people, your software, and your organization.

Software is a powerful tool with the ability to magnify good work, minimize trivial work, and measure the formerly unquantifiable. And when you incorporate software with the right model, the right people, and the right process, growth can happen at a remarkable rate.

StemFlow looks holistically at your organization and applies data analytics, sales automation technology, performance management, and behavioral science to identify the strengths and limitations of your people AND the software. Then, we devise a customized road map to increase connection with new prospects, accelerate sales, and improve communication across departments.

What we can do for you:

  • Sales Automation Readiness Assessment
  • Sales Automation Implementation
  • Sales Automation Strategy
  • Sales Automation Optimization
  • Sales Process Design
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Salesforce Consulting
  • SDR/BDR Training

Designing your customized road map with StemFlow is an empowering process.

Your team will understand the purpose of the road map and their role in implementing it, every step of the way. Together, we can unearth growth opportunities hiding in plain sight, as well as ineffective standard practices that are byproducts of bad habits.

And when you have clarity, positive change can happen rapidly.

Our Process (Step by Step)

You have the means and desire to accelerate your sales. You just need the right road map.

Step No. 1

Start with a constructive conversation.

We sit down with you to learn about your organization, your needs, and your goals.

Step No. 2

Prioritize the needs of your sales people.

The StemFlow method shows sales leaders how to prioritize their people to drive revenue growth.

Step No. 3

Open up the channels for cross-functional collaboration.

Together, we will identify the communication blocks across departments that inhibit growth.

Step No. 4

Identify and magnify revenue opportunities.

We incorporate sales technology and automate the tedious stuff to pinpoint revenue opportunities and align them for acceleration.

Ivan Jones

"A few things happened as a result of working with Chris Sweat at Stemflow: 1) I’m having 2-3 times as many meetings with prospects than I was having before. Not to mention, the prospects are of higher quality because we’re strategically targeting the people we want to get in front of. 2) As a result of having 2-3 times more meetings with quality prospects, I’m better at telling our firm’s story. 3) And as a result of getting better at telling our story, I’ve been able to inspire the right candidates to join us in our journey and our firm is growing rapidly.


Stemflow’s systems flat out work."

Ivan Jones

EVP of Sales & Marketing, RISE

Change is inevitable.

Do you want to lead it or be swept up by it?

Extraordinary Growth Begin with a Constructive Conversation