Welcome to the new StemFlow website!

This has been an incredible journey. Through many mistakes and trials, we continue to simplify the way we communicate with our clients. At StemFlow, we are strongly convicted that when leaders can see the limitations that exist between their people and software/automation, they’ll be able to make adjustments that have a positive impact on salespeople and the organization at large.

Salespeople want more autonomy. They want to feel empowered. Sales leadership wants record-shattering sales and big months. For many, this seems out of reach. Both are possible if you start talking… communicating… collaborating.

Remember, the software doesn’t change a system. People do.

And much of the sales automation adoption has gone to technology companies, but we know mature sales organizations stand to gain the most whether it is defending their established market position, outrunning new entrants and competitors, or growing the business with new products and services.

Imagine a sales environment where there is an alliance between people and technology.

Where decisions on go-to-market or adjustments to sales strategy are human inference and data-driven process. Where the individual contributor can find a pocket of success that can be distributed across an entire sales team before the competition can respond. Where growth happens with ease, or when defining and discovering a new market isn’t such a burdensome task. Where information flows freely, and open minds design the future.

Stick with us as we begin to use this blog to quantify the impact that we’re having on Salespeople and the organizations they serve. Our message is different… It takes some exposure to set it – open-mindedness if you will. Especially if you’ve already made attempts at using automation, or you’re getting calls from ‘tools’ providers who tell you they can increase X by 75% just by installing their device or taking your money. Or if you’ve made a big push and your people just can’t seem to adopt the new strategy and systems.

We’re thankful you’re here, taking the time to read this. We’re grateful for everyone who has allowed us to be in service to the organization. Those who have advocated for us in the earlier days. Those who stuck with us for more than a few years. And those who have just recently joined us in our story that we are creating together.

Be on the lookout for more insights, and in-depth details related to what’s working in the Sales Transformation and Sales Automation Space for mature sales organizations.